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JamBase Debuts New Single “Late Night”

Photo by: Adam Johnson.

We’re excited to announce that JamBase has debuted our latest single “Late Night”.

The Higgs shared a live single, “Late Night,” captured at the Moontower Soirée in 2019. JamBase is pleased to premiere the new live track from the Southern California quartet.

A statement from the band described the musicality of “Late Night” as “like a hike into the mountains, steadily gaining elevation but always dipping through dells and valleys, altering your walking cadence, timing that boulder jump just right. In other words, constantly changing and evolving but always with an eye on the mountaintop.”

Guitarist and vocalist John Lovero also spoke about the genesis of the song:

The band went through some changes about four years ago. We had a completely different lineup. Garrett [Morris] was playing drums but we had a few other members, a different bassist and other guitar players. Then, we signed [David] Barsky on as bassist and we got Jesse [Jennings] on keys. So we kind of had this whole rebirth of the band. When that happened, we got super hungry as we still are today. We got really into the songwriting process and the process of playing and performing. Our sound started to evolve and we started to see some progress in our fanbase, people were starting to come out and the hard work was really starting to show. Because of that, I was partaking in some celebrations. I got to a point where I was starting to notice that doing too much of the celebrating was becoming a hindrance to what we were striving to do. So I decided that it wasn’t really for me and the song is almost kind of satirical in that way.

“‘Late Night’ is one of my favorite songs that we get to play in the group,” keyboardist Jesse Jennings added. “Whenever it comes up on the setlist, I’m pumped. The timing is really interesting. It’s a really well-written song and one of my favorite originals, really unique.”

The Higgs Share Live Single ‘Late Night’: Exclusive Premiere


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