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We are very excited to announce that our new live-album ‘Rose Will Fall – Mixtape’

Southern California quartet The Higgs return with their second live album, a compilation entitled Rose Will Fall – Mixtape. The new live record follows the band’s 2018 release, Live From the Crazy Horse Saloon. True to mixtape form, The Higgs are gifting those who order Rose Will Fall – Mixtape on CD with a limited number of cassettes of the album.

“As far as the concept for the album, we decided that before we do our first big studio LP we wanted to put out another double live record,” keyboardist Jesse Jennings explained. “We realized that a lot of our friends and our fans were digging the live aspect of our band, cause we’re a jam band and that’s what it’s all about. So we decided to take a compilation of different shows and do a mixtape-like type of concept. We thought it would be fun and interesting to do as well as a cool way to release a live compilation of some of our favorite performances over the past year.”

“There’s a mix of older and newer material,” guitarist John Lovero added about the record’s content. “Some of the songs were really new when we recorded this stuff and some of them could have been like five years old. So it’s kind of a blend of everything.” The Higgs also included choice covers from Pink Floyd and The Band.

To mix the raw recordings, The Higgs tapped J.P. Hesser (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Circles Around The Sun) of Cast Away 7 Studios.

“JP has an amazing studio in Ventura, California that we visited a couple times to dial in the mixes,” Lovero recalled. “He did a great job and is so easy to work with. The people that have gone through that studio are pretty legendary. So we were really happy to get the mixing done by him and that’s why the recordings sound so phenomenal.” Louie Teran (The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band) and George Shaw mastered the record at Century 22 Studios.

The Higgs previewed Rose Will Fall – Mixtape with lead single “Late Night,” which JamBase premiered in February, and follow-ups “Rhyme Or Reason” and the 30-minute epic “Rose Will Fall,” which arrived as “Part 1” and “Part 2” along with accompanying live videos. Listen to the entire album below:


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