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Photo by: Adam Johnson


The Higgs came to Phoenix again on Saturday and they delivered quite the set to an excited crowd. The band has developed a big following in the valley and most of the attendees had left McDowell Mountain Music Festival to catch the show at Last Exit Live. Each of the four members bring something different to the table, John Lovero (Guitar/Vocals), Garrett Morris (Drums), David Barsky (Bass/Vocals), and Jesse August Jennings (Keys/Organ/Synth).

The setlist delivered some favorites, offering up a cover of The Disco Biscuits song “Portal To An Empty Head”. If you’re a fan of The Disco Biscuits and you hear the beginning of that song you get all the feels. I ran in from the outside section of the club to make sure my spot was secured.

Alongside songs on their own they also strategically placed a cover of the Spafford song “Leave the Light On”. This was a good move by The Higgs to pay homage to the band that put Phoenix on the map in terms of jam bands . The song also holds a special meaning for me because my fiancé wrote it. Most of the fans in the building were also avid Spafford fans and this was extremely well received. They did the song justice by jamming it out. The song is a catchy tune but is also a pretty bad ass jam vehicle and The Higgs took it there. Well done!

Photo by Adam Johnson

Outside of song selection the band is comprised of truly talented musicians. John Lovero’ s voice is something to write home about. It carries you through the song, which for people who don’t focus solely on instrumental intricacies (I know, the horror!) this aspect makes things extra enjoyable. The Higgs are always fun, and it was good to see them again. They are currently on their 50/50 Tour supporting Twiddle and Aqueous.

We asked guitarist John Lovero some questions following the show and here is that conversation.

An Interview with John Lovero

Tour Stories: Are you in the process of writing music? John Lovero: We are constantly in the process of writing music.  There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about song ideas and how to take our live show to the next level. Whether it is working out ideas at home or honing in on certain sections in the studio, this band is constantly pushing the envelope to create a better songs. Tour Stories: Is there an album coming out? John Lovero: Maybe… Tour Stories: The last single was a live release, are there any plans to record in the studio? John Lovero: Absolutely.  At the end of the day The Higgs is a live band.  Our music is best interpreted in a live setting.  But the value of a full length studio album is huge.  There is something to be said about getting around those microphones and creating the ideal version of a song.  Definitely be focusing on studio material in the future. Tour Stories: What are you looking most forward to this festival season? John Lovero: Meeting the wonderful audience members, the incredible musicians, and all of the people who help make these things happen. Our involvement in the community is a driving factor in why we want to be a part of amazing festivals and our gift to these people is our music. Tour Stories: How are you evolving as a band? And how has touring more helped you grow? John Lovero: We are evolving as a band by learning and growing.  There are a million things that go into having any sort of success in this industry, and overtime we are striving to work out all the kinks as a business. The things that we’ve learned about keeping a band on the road are of extreme importance and value. Our music is changing by becoming more mature and advanced than music we have performed in the past.  Touring is what teaches you right from wrong.  Keep your eyes peeled and touring will inform you.  Tour Stories: What inspires you off the road? What is the hardest part of being on the road? John Lovero: What inspires me off the road is my family. The hardest part about being on the road it’s being away from my family. Tour Stories: What makes a “great” show? John Lovero: Energy. When the band, the crowd, the lighting designer, the sound engineer and everyone else involved with the concert are functioning at a high-level the show is phenomenal.  It’s hard to deny passion. Tour Stories: Any pinch me moments yet? John Lovero: There have been many, but Recently a major highlight was being able to jam with Mihali and Ryan from twiddle!  It’s exciting to jam with guys from bands in the scene that you look up to. Tour Stories: What do you want our readers to know about The Higgs? John Lovero: That we are a hard-working group of guys that are striving to bring a high-level show to each town we go to.  We are constantly learning and applying our new skill sets to our performance. Tour Stories: Why is music important? John Lovero: Music is important because it creates community and spreads positivity among people who are searching for such things. Music can pull you from your lowest lows up to high points in your life.

Video from miracle theatre where The Higgs covered The Disco Biscuits and Spafford for the first time


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