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LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC Shares New Live Single, “Rhyme Or Reason” [Listen]

Photo by Adam Johnson

The Higgs Share New Live Single, “Rhyme Or Reason” [Listen]

The Higgs shared their latest live single, “Rhyme or Reason”, on Tuesday, which they recorded live at the Moontower Soirée in 2019. “Rhyme or Reason” marks the second live single that the California quartet has released in as many weeks. The Los Angeles Jammers unveiled “Late Night” in the middle of February; a song inspired by moving away from hindrances and making better choices. Their latest single, “Rhyme or Reason”, takes a different approach, encouraging listeners to appreciate the simpler aspects of life. In a press release, guitarist/vocalist John Lovero explained the genesis of the track: “Rhyme or Reason” is kind of like a road trip vibe. When I think about that song, I think about being out on the road, kind of like driving up and down the coast and visiting particular places. Say you’re driving from point A to point B. But you know you always have those little stops along the way, whether it be to get gas or just pull over to the side of the road to see something beautiful. So the song encompasses that magical experience of the road trip.  Lovero opens the 11-minute tune with a buoyant riff before bassist David Barsky and drummer Garrett Morris introduce a steady rhythm section. After a few measures, Jesse Jennings adds keys to the cheerful track, allowing Lovero to position his impassioned vocals atop the mix. Following a verse and chorus, a vocal breakdown sets up the jam segment where the band shows off their dynamic ability. At first, the jam fits nicely within the structure of the song. A restrained rhythm section allows for progressive interplay between Lovero’s guitar and Jennings’ keys before they begin to leave the framework of the progression and enter into true improv territory. Soaring phrases from the guitar compel Barsky’s bass to surge in the mix, creating tension as they build to an alleviating peak before dropping back into the chorus. The Higgs will tour heavily throughout the rest of winter, starting Thursday, March 5th at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA, before a sold-out show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA the next night. They will tour well into spring as they play a series of shows in support of both Twiddle and Aqueous across the Western United States. Come summer, they will also make appearances at The Hog Farm Hangout4 Peaks Music Festival, and High Sierra Music Festival. Scroll down for a full list of tour dates and head to the band’s website for tickets and more information. Listen to The Higgs’ latest live single below:


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