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Live For Live Music PREMIERE: The Higgs Share Jam-Heavy Pro-Shot Video For “Rose Will Fall (Part 2)”

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PREMIERE: The Higgs Share Jam-Heavy Pro-Shot Video For “Rose Will Fall (Part 2)” [Watch]

Southern California’s cosmic quartet, The Higgs, began releasing a series of live singles over the past month. The Higgs, or as many of their fans affectionately refer to them, the “Los Angeles Jammers”, have recently shared both “Late Night” and “Rhyme Or Reason” ahead of today’s “Rose Will Fall (Part 1)”, which the band shared earlier in the day.

“Rose Will Fall (Part 2)” will be the final single set for release ahead of the forthcoming live compilation album, Rose Will Fall – Mixtape, which is due out March 20th. In true mixtape fashion, the Higgs plan on gifting fans who order Rose Will Fall – Mixtape on CD a limited number of cassette tapes. Replete with raw emotion, excellent storytelling, and exploratory jam sections, Rose Will Fall – Mixtape prominently displays the band’s approach to songwriting and crafting an energetic live experience.

Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere The Higgs’ new live single, “Rose Will Fall (Part 2)”, and the accompanying pro-shot video recorded live from the Moontower Soirée 2019. Part two of “Rose Will Fall” serves as the epilogue to part one, and together they form a monstrous, 30-minute tale of fading love and the spark that comes with finding it once more.ADVERTISING

“The reason the song is split up into two parts is that the first part is the beginning and the middle of a story,” guitarist John Lovero explained. “And the second part is the end of the story, the outcome.”

The two parts are, of course, inextricably related, but also highlight different emotions. Lovero remarked,

[Part 2] kind of has a triumphant ending, whereas Part 1 is more of a roller coaster ride where you’re going through ups and downs. But then you come out to the other side, which is the light at the end of the tunnel, a beautiful bliss moment with an epic jam and really good vibes. I see it as the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Below, embark on The Higgs’ epic, half-hour journey with “Rose Will Fall” (Parts 1 & 2).

The Higgs – “Rose Will Fall (Part 1)”

The Higgs – “Rose Will Fall (Part 2)”

The Higgs recently wrapped up a run with Twiddle in Southern California and Salt Lake City, UT, during which they made a generous donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the late Kobe Bryant’s name. Following a spring run that will see them play some select venues in the Gulf Coast, The Higgs will make several festival appearances throughout the summer, including The Hog Farm Hangout, 4 Peaks Music Festival, and High Sierra Music Festival. Scroll down for a full list of tour dates. The Higgs encourage fans to head to the band’s website to stay up-to-date regarding any postponements, tour announcements, tickets, and additional information.

The Higgs 2020 Tour Dates

4/29 – Mobile, AL – Alabama Music Box

4/30 – Jackson, MS – Martin’s Downtown

5/1 – New Orleans, LA – 18th Annual Bayou Rendezvous during New Orleans Jazz Fest

6/12 – Laytonville, CA – The Hog Farm Hangout 2020

6/18 – Bend, OR – 4 Peaks Music Festival 2020

7/2 – Quincy, CA – High Sierra Music Festival


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